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Based in West Virginia (Pittsburgh & DC), I am a voice, speech and acting coach focusing on an individualized approach to each person's speaking needs. 

My passion for vocal work grew out of my own desire to fully express myself as an actor: I was finding a limit in my physical vocal presence due to an inability to actively listen to my body - hindering a connection of voice, body and will. While working on my Masters of Fine Arts in Acting at West Virginia University, I was launched into the Fitzmaurice Voicework®   approach and my perspective of the power of the voice was challenged tremendously: not only was I finding sure footing in my own voice and the strength in the voices of my classmates, but the development this lent to our acting craft was undeniable. 

The focus I use when approaching voice and acting work is rooted in the breath. From the observation and regulation of the breath, the work continues from the body, self-identity, presence and the need to communicate. This route of growth allows for an individualized focus  and lends itself to be a paramount tool for actors, public speakers, teachers and all who rely on their voice for effective communication.

I am a certified Assistant Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, having completed the year long program in Barcelona in 2017. 

I have been acting for 10+ years in Kansas and the DC area, including The Contemporary American Theatre Festival. With a BFA from Emporia State University and an MFA from West Virginia University, I have studied Fitzmaurice, Linklater, Rotenburg, and Knight Thompson Speechwork; Meisner, Suzuki, and Viewpoints methods; Shakespeare, Restoration, Checkhovian, and Greek styles; and have developed exercises for actors from  the work of Spolin & Boal as effective tools for communication.  I am the Assistant Professor of Voice & Speech in the School of Theatre and Dance at West Virginia University.

I have traveled to Europe a couple times now, for pleasure & for work, and have studied the voice with practitioners from around the world. My greatest interests lie in work across language and cultural barriers. I strongly believe with practiced listening (to ourselves and others) we can all communicate more clearly.



 I offer work that will focus on your individual needs to liberate the breath, voice and intentions.

If you do not see something offered that fits your specific needs, please contact me.

I am certain we can tailor a session to your needs.


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