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Breathe. Speak. Be heard.

Brianne Taylor - Voice/Speech/Acting Coach

Voice Coach DC


Brianne taylor

Based in West Virginia (Pittsburgh & DC), I am a voice, speech and acting coach focusing on an individualized approach to each person's speaking needs. 


My work with the voice and acting is rooted in the breath. From the observation and regulation of the breath, the work continues from the body, self-identity, presence and the need to communicate. This route of growth allows for an individualized focus  and lends itself to be a paramount tool for actors, public speakers, teachers and all who rely on their voice for effective communication.


I am a certified Assistant Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework®, having completed the year long program in Barcelona in 2017. I have also completed certification as a teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork with folks globally through the online 2021 training. 


I have traveled to Europe a couple times now, for pleasure & for work, and have studied the voice with practitioners from around the world. My greatest interests lie in the liberation of female voices and the power of humanity to communicate through cultural and language barriers. 


I have been performing for over two decades in Kansas and the DC area, including The Contemporary American Theatre Festival. The last 10 years of vocal coaching have lead me to work on theatrical productions, film sets, in professional actor training programs, and with individual clients. I am the Assistant Professor of Voice & Speech in the School of Theatre and Dance at West Virginia University.


 I offer work that will focus on your individual needs to liberate the breath, voice and intentions.

If you do not see something offered that fits your specific needs, please contact me.

I am certain we can tailor a session to your needs.







Upcoming Projects

by Lauren Gunderson

Directed by Brianne Taylor

March 1-3 & 4-8, 2024

William Shakespeare wrote his plays in pieces, never putting all the parts together until the actors were on stage, for fear of someone stealing his work. But who’s to stop people stealing it after he dies? This is the conundrum faced by his friends. When a sub-par Hamlet rip-off hits a stage near the Globe Theatre, members of the King’s Men, are incensed. To try to put an end to the plagiarism and Will’s work for the ages, they hatch a plan to put it all down on pager, setting them off on a mad chase to find all the bits and pieces to create the First Folio. A funny, charming play about the battle to save a legacy, offering up excerpts of some of the Bard’s most beloved writing.

Inclusivity Statement: Lauren Gunderson’s The Book of Will tells the tale of the world that printed Shakespeare’s First Folio; exploring how we process grief, build legacy, and rely on community. This story weaves together an unlikely team of individuals who played their roles alongside the remaining King’s Men in the folio’s production, exploring societally imposed gender roles, partnership, loss of life, and the power of speech. It solicits diverse and inclusive casting, as Shakespeare belongs to all.

Keeper of the Plains

a self-written solo piece

It questions our deep connection to the Earth and our responsibility in carrying for the land, and uniquely explores the role of the matriarch in this masculine dominated industry and traditional family life. It gives a voice to those traditionally silenced.

Keeper of the Plains is a collective of female experiences as witnessed, revealed in conversation, recorded for posterity, surfaced on social media, thoughts and wishes heard on the winds of the Kansas plains. It is the compendium of dreams of the female unraveling through the course of her life on the plains.


A compendium of dreams of the female on the Great Plains.

Performed at the Freedom & Focus Festival

August 2023

Next Performance: SETC March 2024

WVU School of Theatre & Dance

staring Robynn Rodriguez as King Lear

Directed by Jerry McGonigle

filmed in partnership with West Virginia Public Broadcasting

"We all owe a debt of gratitude to West Virginia University for their smashing new filmed production of KING LEAR!" - Academy Award nominee, Annette Bening

Available on Broadway On Demand

Nominated for regional Emmy Award

Filmed in 2021

Upcoming projects

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All Emporia State University and West Virginia University students, alumni, and faculty receive a discount.


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