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   ACTING SESSIONS                                                                                  

Private Session                                        

This session is crafted to the goals you have with a piece you are currently or are looking to start working on. All levels are welcome! We will spend the first session assessing what you aim to do with your piece and identifying some of the strengths and challenges it presents. From there we can continue to forge through, creating a character with strong objectives unifying voice, body, and intellect.

Frequency of sessions is deteremined by project needs. Preparation for an upcoming audition may only take one session while polishing for an upcoming audition season may take multiple meetings. 

Scene Study                                             

This class package is a 5 week exploration of a 2 person scene. Sessions will include text analysis, defining clear objectives, developing a strong voice, creating the space and cultivating an atmosphere of unlimited possibility each time the scene is performed. 

Accepting scenes of 2-3 characters to meet once a week for 5 weeks. 

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