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Voice & Speech                                            

Fitzmaurice Voicework® - To find more information on the technique established by Catherine Fitzmaurice, additional resources, and links to Certified Fitzmaurice Instructors world wide:

VASTA - The Voice and Speech Trainers Association website offers links to teachers by location and by specialty. Once a year the organization hosts a conference open to members and the general public:

Dialects & Accents                                      

Knight-Thompson Speechwork, created by Dudley Knight and Phil Thompson, is an innovate approach to accent acquisition paralleling the practical and philosophical approach of Fitzmaurice Voicework. For additional resources, Certified KTS Instructors, workshop listings, and webinars:

IDEA - International Dialects of English Archive is the work of Paul Meier, providing audio samples and interactive IPA charts. It is an accessible, vast, and accurate resource for actors:

Tools & Toys                                                   

Interactive IPA Chart w/ 4 voice samples

IPA Chart w/ MRI video 

IPA Keyboard (web-based)

Pink Trombone Vocal Tract "Pink trombone is a model of the human vocal tract that synthesizes human voice from scratch, controllable with your fingers." 

Lexical Sets for Actors, by Eric Armstrong -  a fantastic Open Education Resource to thoroughly learn this accent acquisition tool

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